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Cheyenne Hawk Pen Review [September 2020]

Tattoos are becoming more and more accepted into society. With that, people are looking for more sophisticated and complicated designs to be tattooed on their skin. Because of the originality and complicity by the ideas, tattoo artists and companies are making sure to have the best equipment. To make those ideas become beautifully inked onto the skin. 

Even though some artists prefer the old fashion way by a tattoo gun, in the modern world, Pen-like tattoo machines like the Cheyenne Hawk Pen are getting more and more used because of the movement freedom that the tattoo artist has. To give you a better view on the pen-like tattoo machines, we included a Cheyenne Hawk Pen Review below.

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Review

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Review Conclusion

Cheyenne Hawk Pen is among the best 5 tattoo machines that are currently used in the tattoo world, very well designed with such sophisticated technology that gives satisfaction to your wrist and hand, so those long tattoo sessions will feel like you are doing some regular small tattoo. 

After reading through a lot of information about this particular Hawk Pen Tattoo Machine, we found a lot of pros and little to nothing cons about it, but one thing is sure that you will not regret tattooing with it. This pen-like machine is made in Germany. As we all know, Germans have one of the best technologies that anyone can rely on. Germans never disappointed anyone with their products, so that’s a big plus. 


The Cheyenne Pen Tattoo Machine weighs only 4 oz or 130 gm, which is fascinating because one ordinary tattoo machine gun weighs around 224-226 gm or 7 oz’s made with anodized aluminum. It works very smoothly between 6 and 12.6 volts, which you can adjust to either lining, coloring, or shading. It has been known that the shading is one of the hardest things to do for the tattoo artist, so this Cheyenne Hawk Tattoo Machine will definitely ease your job and make you comfortable while doing it, without putting any pressure to your arm and wrist. 

When it comes to the vibrations for this particular pen-like Cheyenne Tattoo Machine, they are pretty smooth and low. Will keep your hands steady even when you are doing longer sessions and not allow damage to your design because the low vibrations will enable you to design the tattoos very smoothly and bring them to perfection. The power supply is compatible with other brands. The grip size is 21mm and 25mm; the depth of the needle strike is 3.5mm.

Going through a lot of Cheyenne Hawk Pen Reviews, as good as the pros were, the only thing that we found negative about this particular pen was that some of the artists found the forward weight balance hard for operating. This is pretty normal because there is nowhere near perfect machines that work entirely with perfection and relentlessly without overheating because of it in the tattoo world.

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Review Conclusion

As we are reaching the end of this Cheyenne Hawk Pen Review, if you are just starting, many other tattoo artists and we will definitely recommend this machine for home or salon tattooing. The Cheyenne Hawk Tattoo Machines are durable, very flexible. You can design, shade anything with perfection and without difficulties during the tattoo session, bringing you smooth experience to your work and not bring you or your arm and wrist exhaustion. You can find it in 6 different colors (black, red, silver, bronze, purple and orange). Cheyenne comes with a 1-year warranty.

We advise you to go through the user manual before putting it to use.

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