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Best Tattoo Kits For Beginners – Reviews And Buying Guide

Are you just beginning your tattoo journey? With this article, we hope that you will confidently pick what you need among the best tattoo kits for beginners.

These days, there is just no arguing that tattoo has become an integral part of our life. In fact, it has become so integrated into our culture that it is much harder to see someone without any tattoo than someone with tattoos. After all, tattoos are just such great mediums to express one’s ideologies and personality. As such, so many people are getting tattoos.
Naturally, with the rise in popularity of tattoos, many people want to try to do it themselves. However, contrary to popular belief, it is not easy to start your journey into the world of tattoo. First of all, you must learn about the way the tools work, the supplies to get, and the best tattoo kits for beginners.

List Of Supplies Needed For Tattooing

Before going into details on the best tattoo starter kits, we believe that you must first know which tool is vital for your tattoo career. Hence, we would like to walk you through some of the basics, which are actually really important for aspiring tattoo artists. Essentially, these are tools that you simply cannot work without.

First of all, you need to have some sterile tattoo needles, which are typically almost impossible to buy individually. Next, you will need to get your hands on some professional-grade tattoo ink, as they ensure that there is no infection. Also, professional ink can improve the longevity and quality of tattoos.

That’s not all, though, as there is also a need for some medical surface coverings to create the most sterile environment possible. In most cases, these are included in a starter kit, so you usually do not have to worry too much about them.

Last but not least, you always need to have a high-quality tattoo gun ready, as it is arguably the most vital tool for any tattoo artist. For the most part, suppliers tend to include some necessary supplies alongside these machines.

Best Tattoo Starter Kit For Beginners – Detailed Review

1. Wormhole Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit for Beginners – Best Budget Option

Being one of the leading suppliers for all things tattoo, Wormhole, made its reputation through continuous innovation. As a consequence, their products are always updated with the safest, most convenient, and most reliable tech, with the Wormhole Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit for Beginners being a prime example.

The first thing that you will notice about this best tattoo gun starter kit is the fact that you get two tattoo guns. To be precise, one of the guns will be for lining, and the other will be for shading. Consequently, you will be able to get used to customizing each tattoo machine to your liking and proliferate as a tattoo artist.

Besides, the Wormhole Complete Tattoo Kit’s tattoo guns for Beginners utilize one of the most modern techs in voltage manipulation. Thanks to it, you can freely adjust the voltage of the guns in the 5.5 to 8V range to fit your lining or shading need.

You will also see that the spring that they used in the power supply is high-elastic and anti-fatigue. Hence, you can be sure that this kit is capable of working in top condition for quite a long time. This, coupled with its incredibly affordable price and all the mentioned advantages, convince us that it is the best budget option for a tattoo beginner.

Obviously, there still are some parts that we hope Wormhole can improve on, like the fact that there is no carrying case. Additionally, the power supply is not digital, so you will need to spend some time familiarizing with it.

High-quality power cord
Voltage adjustment capability
Two tattoo guns
Really easy to use
Very affordable

No carrying case
Non-digital power supply
No stem available with the kit

2. ATOMUS Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit – Best Tattoo Gun Starter Kit

Despite being one of the newer tattoo equipment suppliers, ATOMUS has quickly made a name for itself and has become one of the most popular brands. In truth, the secret to this incredible success story lies in their focus on tattoo newbies, giving these guys products that have low skill floor and high potential ceiling, like the ATOMUS Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit.

At first glance, you will see that it is quite a complete tattoo machine kit. To be more specific, one will get one rotary pen tattoo gun that has a DC clip cord alongside one pedal. Also, there are 20 assorted pieces of Cartridge Needles, each of the 3RL, 5RL, 5M1, 7M1 models get five needles. Naturally, the kit has one power supply and some cables.

As you can see from the name, the tattoo gun of this kit is a pen-style machine. Thus, the user experience will be much better, as the ergonomic design of the pen means you will feel just like you are drawing on a canvas. However, this does not mean that the pen is not as strong as the other options, as it is capable of almost 9000 rounds per minute.

Furthermore, the power supply has two options; one will take care of the foot pedal for you while the other let you control the pedal completely. In fact, it is this feature that makes us believe that the ATOMUS Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit is the best kit for you to start your tattoo journey with. Of course, the affordable price does help.

However, there are still weaknesses in the kit, such as the pen sometimes doing too much shading. Also, the pen is not as durable as the other options on this list.

Ergonomic design
2-option power supply

Heavy shading
Not durable

3. Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit – Best All-Around Option

With this kit, you will get one Dragonhawk Mast Pen tattoo machine, one power supply alongside some cables, 20 pieces of Wjx cartridges, one pedal, one DC cord, one carry case, and one tattoo machine box. All in all, we can say that they have prepared just about everything you need to have to start learning about tattooing.

In addition, the Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo machine has quite a powerful customized motor and advanced system of gears. In other words, you will be operating in complete quietness while you use this pen machine, as there is no vibration whatsoever. Also, the ergonomic and lightweight design of the device means there will be less pressure on your drawing.

Furthermore, the pen is capable of both shading and lining, as you just have to pick the corresponding needle cartridge. As such, you will be able to familiarize yourself with how to change between tattoo styles much quicker. Hence, you will become well-versed in the art of tattooing in no time.

As you can see, this kit has arguably the most versatile nature among all the options on the list. Moreover, its components are all made from aluminum, one of the best materials for tattoo equipment. These, coupled with the fact that it is quite possibly the easiest to master out of all the rotary machines mean that it is indeed the best all-around option.

On the other hand, there are some flaws in this otherwise perfect product, such as the fact that the cartridges can sometimes come loose. Also, it can become quite challenging to control your needle correctly, as there is a delay.

Capable of utilizing any needle size
No noise
Weak vibration
Quick-cooling aluminum body
Loose cartridge
Delay leading to difficulty in controlling needle

4. Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 2 Machine Gun – Best For Multitask

In any conservation about tattoo equipment, there is one name that will keep popping up, Dragonhawk. This is only reasonable, as the company and its focus on quality over quantity have practically become a legend in the tattoo world with many incredible products such as the Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit.

The first difference that you are going to notice right away with this kit is that it does not come with only one tattoo machine. Instead, you will get two of them; one will function as a liner while the other as a shader.

Therefore, the kit ensures that you will always have the correct equipment ready to go for every situation, the best option for multitasking training.

Naturally, with these two coil tattoo guns in the Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit, you will be able to familiarize yourself with utilizing individual devices for particular purposes. After a while, it will become your instinct to quickly recognize which tool is necessary, just like an experienced surgeon.

Besides, you will be surprised at just how many items there are in this kit with its friendly price. For instance, other than the two coil guns, you have 10 of the most popular ink colors, a digital LED power supply with a clip cord and foot pedal, EO-sterilized needles, ten wraps.

However, we are still not completely satisfied with what Dragonhawk brought to the table. For example, we believe that they should try to improve the ink’s quality, as most of the users eventually have to switch over to ink from other companies.

Fantastic value for the price
Reliable quality all-around
Easy to use

Bad ink quality
Not as durable
High power consumption

5. STIGMA MK648 Complete Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit – Best For Silence Operation

There is just no denying the impact STIGMA has made on the world of the tattoo with their high-quality products. Nonetheless, they did not stop there, producing even more incredible crafts like the STIGMA MK648 Complete Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit, which signifies all the significant advantages of STIGMA as a tattoo equipment supplier.

Right from the first look, the STIGMA MK648 will let you know that it means business with the powerful rotary tattoo machine. Staying true to their commitment to quality, STIGMA made it so that this machine would have a powerful 10W motor that is both strong and quiet, a feat not many have succeeded.

As a result, the MK648 rotary tattoo gun is capable of going from light to overdrive in seconds while barely making any sound. In fact, it is unarguably the best out of all the options in this list at staying quiet throughout the whole operation.

Also, the machine is capable of connecting with either clip cord or DC cord, opening quite a lot of possibilities for you. After all, the connecting issue has always been among the most reported problems for tattoo artists.

Furthermore, the frame of the tattoo machine is crafted perfectly by CNC machines from aircraft aluminum. As such, there is no need to worry about its durability because it getting even just one scratch is not easy.
Naturally, there are flaws that we are not happy within the STIGMA MK648 Complete Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit. For instance, the inks that they sent alongside the kit are practice inks. Hence, these inks will not be sufficient if you want to do things for real, so you will have to get inks from other suppliers.

Low cost
Providing all the necessities
Strong yet quiet 10W motor

Power supply not being read digitally
No user instruction

6. Solong EK129-1 Tattoo Kit Rotary Machine Kit – Best For Beautiful Images

Solong’s main weapon is their high-quality products, having competed with the giants in the tattoo world for a while. You see, they may not have the newest tech or the shiny design, but they will get the job done beautifully. One of the best examples for this strength is the Solong EK129-1 Tattoo Kit Rotary Machine.

Being crafted by CNC machines from aircraft aluminum, the Solong EK129-1 line’s tattoo guns are, first and foremost, unibody. At the end of the day, it’s CNC machines doing the work, so there is practically no window for mistakes. Also, the aircraft aluminum material undergoing anodized finish also makes the machine much more durable yet still lightweight.

In normal cases, tattoo coil machines can only be either a shader or a liner. However, with the Solong EK129-1, the gun can be both of those, depending on your need. Therefore, you will be able to complete your design in one go, making the image much more coherent.

Besides, the gun’s design ensures that the ink can flow freely without any obstruction. Thus, there will always be ink on the client’s skin, ensuring that the image will be as clear as possible. Hence, we are confident that the Solong EK129-1 is the best option if you want your tattoos to be as beautiful as possible.

Nonetheless, this kit does have its own problems, like they’re not being any case or bag accompanying it, making storage hard. Moreover, we believe that the instruction manual should receive an upgrade.

Versatile tattoo machine
Convenient add-ons
Amazing value

No case or bag
Confusing manual

7. Dragonhawk 366H Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine Kit – Best Premium Option

Another option from Dragonhawk, the Dragonhawk 366H Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine Kit has a customized, coreless motor that can work at the minimum 3000 hours. However, the machine that this high-performance motor fits on is just 82 grams in weight. Therefore, you will be able to do some very precise line works alongside solid color packings.

Besides, the machine’s spring is made from high-quality stainless steel. Thus, you will not feel any vibration, which is the bane of tattoo artists, especially newer ones. Ultimately, if you are not experienced, even the slightest of vibration can mess up your work significantly.

Of course, that is not to say that this kit does not have any faults. Firstly, it is too costly, so it can only be an option for people who don’t have to worry about budgets despite having so many incredible features. Also, the motor can heat up too fast.

Comfortable handling
Incredibly versatile
High-performance motor

Too expensive
Heating up too fast


On the whole, we have considered what we believed to be suitable tattoo kits for beginners. From this list, we think that the two standing out the most are Solong EK129-1 and Dragonhawk Mast Pen kits. If you have just started, our recommendation is the Dragon Hawk Mast Pen, as it can teach you a lot before you can change to other options.

The Buying Guide For Best Tattoo Starter Kit For Beginners

There are various types of tattoo machines, such as the liner gun and the shader gun if we talk technicality. On the other hand, if you see things from the mechanical angle, there are three types of a tattoo gun, the pneumatic tattoo gun, the rotary tattoo machine, and the coil tattoo gun.

Coil Tattoo Gun

For the majority of tattoo artists, a coil tattoo gun is what they will use, no matter how proficient they can be. At the moment, the standard for coil tattoo gun is two-coil, yet you can still find both one-coil and three-coil options on the market.

Due to it being a mechanical machine, the coil tattoo gun’s most crucial aspect is its electromagnetic coil. To be more specific, it is this coil that allows your needles to move vertically, carrying out the tattooing process.

Obviously, you will be able to regulate both the power and speed of the coil. Therefore, you can specify if it will perform filling or lining function.

At the end of the day, you will be able to have many customizing options if you use a coil tattoo gun. Besides, due to their simple design, the cost is not that high. Hence, this type of tattoo gun has some of the best affordable tattoo machines.

Rotary Tattoo Gun

A classical choice, rotary tattoo machine is the first-ever concept for tattoo guns. Due to being based on rotary mechanism, rotary tattoo guns used electric motors as the primary gear, pushing the tattoo needles. As a result, these “old-school” devices require the artists to be quite useful in calibrating.

Naturally, as it offers excellent rewards if one can work it properly, many experienced tattoo artists pick a rotary tattoo gun as their primary tool.
Pneumatic tattoo gun

A modern method of tattooing, the first pneumatic tattoo gun was patented by Carson Hill in 2000. As you can guess from its name, a pneumatic tattoo machine operates by utilizing an air compressor to move the tattoo needle. Consequently, pneumatic tattoo guns tend to be much lighter than rotary or coil tattoo guns.

Furthermore, due to the airy design, you can easily clean and sterilize pneumatic guns without having to disassemble it. Therefore, you can save quite a bit of time and not have to worry about breaking anything accidentally.

Biggest Mistakes With Learning To Tattoo Of Beginners

First of all, you will be tempted by your inner doubt, which we call the “inner saboteur”. If you cannot block out the voice that says “it will not work” or “it’s a waste of time”, it can become difficult to properly learn how to tattoo, as this job requires your utmost concentration.

Secondly, some people tend to change their equipment during their training process. Sometimes, this is due to them finally getting enough money for an upgrade or not being satisfied with their gears.
Nevertheless, this action will cost them at least several weeks, as they will have to spend time familiarizing with the kits once again.

Lastly, many aspiring tattoo artists make the mistake of overstraining due to their ambition. If you are starting out, we recommend that you should stick with something simple for a while. Above all, the moment you fail, some of your enthusiasm die, so at first, you should limit the failings a little bit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Tattoo Kits For Beginners?

When you are looking for the best tattoo equipment for beginners, you must pay attention closely to the learning curve. At the end of the day, you are still not as experienced, so something with a high floor is not a good fit for you, despite it being capable of making beautiful patterns. Therefore, we recommend that you get tattoo kits with coil tattoo guns.

What’s The Difference Between A Cheap Tattoo Machine And An Expensive One?

More often than not, dirt-cheap tattoo machines will use some kind of low-quality alloy for their frame, which will affect geometry greatly. In addition, these cheaper frames are also poor for tapping, resulting in stripped bolts, which make the tattoo machine practically useless. Last but not least, you will have to tune something in a cheaper machine so that it can work right.

Do Rotary Tattoo Machines Hurt More?

In contrary to this belief, there is no evidence that rotary tattoo machine hurts more than any other kind of tattoo machine. Instead, what we know is that rotary machine does not make a single noise while working, lessening the pressure on the client. As a result, they will surely be less tense and experience less pain.

Can I Be A Tattoo Artist If I Can’t Draw?

You need to be at least able to draw smooth shading and straight lines in order to make beautiful tattoos. Therefore, it’s not possible to be a tattoo artist without being able to draw. In other words, you may not be the greatest artist alive to be a tattoo artist, but you certainly must be able to draw.

What Kind Of Tattoo Guns Do Professionals Use?

Out of the three mechanical tattoo guns, the rotary tattoo gun is the only one that requires the artists to be exceptionally good at calibrating. Due to this, once you have mastered it completely, you will be able to make some of the prettiest tattoos around. So, the majority of expert tattoo artists like to use rotary tattoo guns.


After reading our article, we hope that you can now confidently make your first step into the tattoo world with the right purchase. Remember, getting the best tattoo gun starter kit will save you a lot of time and help you tremendously in learning the ropes.

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